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Topic: My strange fetish is getting out of hand

Anonymous A started this discussion 1.3 year ago #3,005

Ever since I was molested by this crazy Arab guy wearing a gorilla suit at Six Flags, I have had this strange fetish: It involves having anal sex on a skyscraper with a random person (gender doesn't matter) while dressed as Harambe and the person I'm with wearing a Care Bear t-shirt and holding a bouquet of balloons, all while happening, someone pushes another off the skyscraper and then the pusher squats over the skyscraper and shits down the skyscraper onto the face of the person that got pushed, then finally, the pusher sticks a grenade up their ass, pulls the pin and blows theirself up. The blowing oneself up part really drives me insane, and lately it's all I've been thinking about. What do I do?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.3 year ago, 18 hours later#33,003

Just shove a grenade up your arse and get it over with mate

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 8 months ago, 7 months later, 7 months after the original post#33,055

bump for ordnance