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Anonymous A started this discussion 1.8 year ago #2,985


this bullshit movement that is built on a bunch of niggers disobeying the law is totally fucked.

now these stupid niggers figured out how to use a computer so they could copy anonymous, unless some fucking niggers in anonymous decided to just up and make a nigger video to honor the dead nigger thug gang bangers that were resisting arrest..

fuck these niggers, all these dirty ass niggers, bitch niggers getting shot for disobeying the law, so all the rest of the dumb niggers putting on capes, like captain save-a-hoe up in here...

thank god all black people aren't this fucking delusional though. i mean, i know some white people are just as fucking retarded as these dirty fucking niggers that shitting up everything with their fucking "bowelmovement" for dead niggers getting shot for attacking police officers..

i mean what the fuck... look, listen, i'm not about to put out a bunch of "seemingly" racist shit on my twitter/facebook in regards to this nonsense, but someone, if not all of us, need to talk some sense into these damn dirty apes and jungle bunnies, i think that's the worst word i could call these dumb fucking white niggers that are fucking like "boo hoo i'm white so i must be racist" bullshit.

get the fuck out of here with this fucking nigger shit.

more innocent blacks, children, and whites, are killed by fucking niggers, than any sort of white people. fucking retarded. how fucking stupid does these ignorant bastards have to be to believe this bullshit that these fucking niggers are coming up with?


whatever.. fucking place is going to hell with all this nigger stink everywhere, hopefully they will fuck up bad enough to have the cops just waste all of them, let the good people stick around, cause honestly, this is really only affecting niggers and ruining good cops' lives (yes, cops are good, especially when a 300 pound gorilla breaks into your house looking for something to sell for crack and you need someone to call so you can have insurance replace it)...

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 1.8 year ago, 1 day later#32,969

Most proponents of 'Black Lives Matter' are not even Black.

They are libtard Whites, communist Jews, and an assortment of losers who have failed in their jobs, their personal relationships, and their lives in general, and are lashing out at an easy target: White people who built a civilization and a society that they never could, and even after having been spoonfed to be part of that society, they still can't fit in, or be anything other than a cancer on that society.

They cry foul every time a White person makes a success of their own lives. They howl with outrage every time a Black fucks up all on his own, and insist that it must have been Whitey's fault. And when Black criminals commit violent crimes, and make ti clear that they intend to kill innocent people(both Black and White), these Black Lives Matter pieces of excrement have fits when the Police(both Black and White) react the way that any law enforcement professionals would and should behave in any properly civilized society. If these violent criminals behave like violent criminals, and state their intent to continue behaving like the violent criminals that they are, including but not limited to, killing innocent law-abiding citizens(including innocent law-abiding Black citizens), then they should be treated like the violent criminals that they are.

But no, "Black Lives Matter". This somehow doesn't apply when a Black criminal kills an honest, law-abiding Black person. It doesn't apply when a Black thug rapes and beats a Black women to death. But somehow it's all "racism" if the Police(who include Black Police Officers), while doing their jobs, shoot and kill Black criminals who were trying to kill them, in an act of pure self-defense.

Anonymous A (OP) replied with this 1.8 year ago, 1 day later, 3 days after the original post#32,970

thank you.

Anonymous A (OP) double-posted this 1.8 year ago, 36 minutes later, 3 days after the original post#32,971

i feel like making sure i get banned from twitter today (obviously from a new account im about to make) so i would like to take a couple of minutes to teach those newbruvs how to do it too!

IMPORTANT: do it through either tor or a new private window/tab (some browsers use a variation of tor, make sure to check your browsers options and abilities before doing this)

1. navigate to your fav search engine and look for "free online email"
a. must not need a secondary email.
b. must not need anything personal that can link back to you.

2. create said email with nefarious name and email address.
a. make sure to write down email and password.
b. this is disposable, so make sure to trash the paper down the toilet or burn it afterwards, as this goes for all kinds of dumb shit you fucking morons might use it for besides this.

3. if you have to follow these instructions, then you must, and i repeat, you must go harass islamic free chat rooms about moohamhead fucking a 9 year old as possible, and going on twitter and hash tagging blacklivesmatter in as many nigger posts and hangings as possible.
a. niggers love seeing their family tree (lots of their fam is still hanging there)
b. islam loves raping little girls
c. islam loves killing gays, jews, christians, and definitely raping atheists as seen in germany and sweden
d. islam hates giving women rights, as seen by the number of rapes and acid attacks in the western world now that the rapefugees are there.
e. islam and blacks do not mix, that's why islam is using niggers as their pawns/footsoldiers to do their dirty work, black people are considered scum slaves to them, in fact they still own niggers in many islamic countries and are referred to as slaves in the quran they all carry with them, seriously, a google search for the quranic verses is fucking simple.

4. this should be a no fucking brainer, but umm, considering i havent actually seen a widespread bitchfest by fat nigger bitches means you guys are not doing your job, therefore, follow this simple guide, make sure to use as many pictures of bacon as bookmarks in the quran, shit on the quran, niggers in bondage, video of niggers being hit by cars while protesting, niggers being burned alive, the most god awful shit you can find in as many of their posts all over facebook, twitter, youtube, pinterest, craigslist, call nigger whores if you have to, fuck with every social media outlet including the lesser known myspace and instagram, that you can.

5. if you do your job right, we will see it in social media, it will cause these niggers to slip up and they will end up in free housing blocks (jail/prison), meaning we wont have to deal with them anymore. if you are not doing your job right, they will continue to stink up the place.

6. remember, white people can be niggers, too! not all black people are niggers, this isn't a racial divide, it's a fucking culling of the ignorant! only the fucking morons will actually get mad about this. make sure to only target those that are vocally opposed to what should be known as common sense. if a black person tries to talk sense to you about the use of the word nigger, but also speaks #alllivesmatter and will generally speak the truth about what we know to be the truth, apologize to them, explain that you are only trying to antagonize the weaker minded group that is making both your life and theirs more difficult, that you do not mean to offend them, to please refrain from being upset, and let you continue to poke said idiot until they go postal, as said idiot is going to go postal anyways and you are doing your civic duty to help make them "pop off" sooner so that the militant in question can be picked up by police and leave the retarded group of blacklivesmatter weaker for not having that extra muscle in tow. explain that you are apologizing before hand for anything else grotesque you may say, but it is necessary.

7. if you offend anyone that is definitely of a sensible mind, explain that it is for the good of all mankind.
a. if they are moslem, ignore them and hammer them with facts about moohamhead being a pedophile and telling them to drink camel piss as medication.
b. if they are moslem, explain how they should never take their kids to the doctor, they should take them to the dentist, also point them to the nearest store that sells hydrochloric acid and tell them to throw it on their children and themselves (if a woman) the next time any of them look at a man in a lustful way or are raped with any fewer than 4 witnesses as that constitutes them being an adulterer and they need to be honor killed for it.

this has been a public service announcement to clean up america and make it great again. europe is fucking lost. sorry guys, it's too fucking late for you... at least america has it's guns still.

Anonymous A (OP) triple-posted this 1.8 year ago, 2 days later, 6 days after the original post#32,973

NIGGERS GONNA NIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!