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Topic: Confessions of a drunk, passive aggressive sadist

Anonymous A started this discussion 2 years ago #2,980

I'm a self admitted alcoholic. I've never drank for fun or to be social. I drink to get messed up and feel the buzz.

Some of my outrageous behavior:

- I went to a bar and drank several pints of beer. I pretended to take a phone call on my phone and walked out the front door past the bouncer. Walked back to my place and skipped the bill. While walking through the parking lot I spotted a nice BMW. I sat on the sidewalk in front of the car pretending to talk on the phone. I used my keys to scratch the hell out of the car's bumper.

- At a bar I once had to take a shit. I did so but then decided to mess up the bathroom. I wiped my ass and left the toilet unflushed. In addition I threw the shit smeared paper on top of the toilet and stuck it to the wall of the cubical.

- At a Famous Players theatre, not wanting to pay $13 for a movie I went for a shit before the movie. I wiped my ass and threw the paper onto the floor. The entire cubicle stunk of shit. Not a drop of buttwipe went into the bowl. Poor minimum wage idiot to clean it up.

- Walking home from a bar last week I scratched the hood of a BMW outside of a garage and another car in a used car lot. Just because I could.

- While at work I masturbated into the bathroom sink and put a little dab of jizz onto a tube of Chapstick I found in my female bosses jacket. At some point she would have used that chapstick on her own lips effectively putting my cum on her lips.

- At a remote work location where we had to stay overnight I found my bosses toothbrush in an overnight bag in the staff bathroom. I stuck the toothbrush into my asshole. Just to be sure it was safe to put back I smelled it, and was overwhelmed with the scent of shit. I had to rinse that brush off before putting it back. I imagined my boss brushed her teeth with my feces on her brush.

- I was being evicted by a piece of crap landlord. A week before my move out date I decided to stop flushing the toilet. I shat in it until it was full to the top of the bowl literally. I began to flush it and immediately close the door - afraid to see the result. After about a week I saw the brown messy goo flowing out from under the door and decided my job was done. A friend who helped me move out walked into my place and immediately remarked, "it smells like shit in here". Indeed. The entire floor was smeared in shit and the bowl was a soupy mess of poop. No way the landlord could have cleaned that up. I called him later to say, "Have fun cleaning the toilet".

- I once sent a letter to someone's wife. The male in question had tormented me in high school by burning me with a cigarette lighter. In the letter I told the wife that I was a woman who her husband had been cheating on. I told her details of her husbands life that I knew based on my school days, but which she'd think her husband had told me. Long story made short.. I read about a week later that he committed suicide. Good riddance. Maybe he was a cheater maybe not... but I bear the scars from his abuse.

- I went to an East side Marios and wrote racist graffiti on the wall just because I could.

- I once masturbated into a contained of hand moisturizer. Oh my gosh the amusement when I saw my boss applying it to her hands. I couldn't contain my laughter when my co-worker also applied it to his hands.

- While my apartment was being renovated I was temporarily moved into a unit above me. I kept the key. When a nice attractive blonde moved in a month later, I used the key to sneak in and jerk off onto her toothbrush.

Yes, I'm a lowlife piece of scum.... but what a thrill