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Topic: your mom has down syndrome

Anonymous A started this discussion 2.1 years ago #2,976

because a lot of you kids think it is not possible, please scroll down until you refer to the section labeled:

Do Women with Down Syndrome Have Any Special Needs or Concerns in Regard To Birth Control? - See more at:

because honestly, your dad should have fucking worn protection, but nope, now your ass was born.. and your mother has down syndrome bitch!


Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2.1 years ago, 1 week later#32,950

Soon to be renamed to Mandatory Obamacare Syndrome.

Anonymous A (OP) replied with this 2.1 years ago, 1 week later, 3 weeks after the original post#32,953

your mom got down syndrome? lolz..

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 2 years ago, 5 days later, 4 weeks after the original post#32,954

Two down syndrome parents can have a normal kid.