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Topic: how to deal with faggots and real life threats

Anonymous A started this discussion 2.1 years ago #2,973

here's my fucking ip.

fuck u u dirty hoes.

let me dox myself, Fr0z7y. davidseguin. i aint no fag troll, because i don't like u b pedo fags, and half the time i don't come here, in fact, i usually don't come here, because of u b fags..

i can deal with tranney's, they give good head, but let me get to the point. some idiot decided to fuck with me okay? yeah, okay? i dox myself, because it's fun to watch u fags fuck with me.

my family fucked with me... if i have to go there, let me guess what u would do, and do u think i wouldnt do the same? i doxed myself, ill turn myself in when im done. u have my ip. would u like anything else?

david, seguin, that's my name.

fuck u and the fucking horse u road in on. whatever hoe, do something. would u like me to do something legal? fuck illegal ass shit.

donald trump for president, because making money is the name of the game.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2.1 years ago, 3 weeks later#32,951

Fucking enjoy this you fuckin faggot, go fuck your mom fuckin cocksucker, fuck you too bitch. Nobody would fuck you cuz you're a fuckin faggot nigger. Go fuckin die fuckin bitch and get fuckin raped in hell by Sadam hussein

(Edited 2 minutes later.)

Anonymous B double-posted this 2.1 years ago, 3 minutes later, 3 weeks after the original post#32,952

Fuck yeah!