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Topic: Where are the admin to clean all the shitty thread

Anonymous A started this discussion 2.7 years ago #2,939

Let's try to bump those shit down by bumping other good thread up until some Admin delete those shit.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 2.7 years ago, 1 hour later#32,905

No thanks... faggot.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 2.7 years ago, 3 hours later, 5 hours after the original post#32,906

The Admin often disappears for a while(jail?).

During these times, a bunch of trolls take advantage and flood the Forum with repetitive posts. One time it was a tard posting pics of naked trannies. Another time it was some sick fuck talking about molesting his own daughter.

However, when the Admin returns, they usually get rid of the shit. It's just a question of how long.

In the meantime, either talk about other stuff, or just ignore the idiot posting all that shit.

Anonymous D joined in and replied with this 2.7 years ago, 21 hours later, 1 day after the original post#32,907

Hardly anyone posts on this forum, so it's not like the good content is disrupted.

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 1.3 year ago, 1.4 year later, 1.4 year after the original post#33,014

Vacation... bzt ny kept on telling me they are coming back soon... Aliens?

Anonymous F joined in and replied with this 9 months ago, 5 months later, 1.9 year after the original post#33,052

Jebus is Coming LOOK BUSY