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Topic: Required assistance scummy score

Anonymous A started this discussion 3 years ago #2,924

Ok... I have an opportunity that I would like to sexploit

Here's the premiss. Years ago a good friend of mine got married to a much younger super smoking hot little tart. I was the best man at the wedding. Within a year he knocked her up and unfortunately the resulting child has down syndrome. The stupid little cunt wife couldn't handle the pressure so she ran off with a coke deal and ended up a stripper.

Skip ahead to today, years later, she wants to reconnect with the child. The father, rightfully so, told her to take a flying fuck of a tall building. Hence she contacts me. I wasn't sure who she was at first because she's changed her name. I accepted her friend request on fb solely on the fact she was a strikingly attractive female who's profile said she was from my hometown, etc...
She identifies herself as my friends ex and wants my assistance in helping her convince my friend to allow her to see the child.
I have absolutely no intentions on doing this, but I lead her on to think I am willing to.

I want to fuck her tight little ass, film it of course and take as many nuddy shots of her during the act as I can. Then throw her away like the piece of trash she is.

Here's where I need your assistance. I need to think of a convincing strategy to convince her that I am her savior and she needs to show her gratitude in the form of sexual favors in order to acquire her end goal.

I am perfectly willing to chronicle the play in full gory details and provide the resulting camera footage to those who are interested in contributing to my nefarious plan.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3 years ago, 6 days later#32,850

Finally, a worthwhile post. Someone respond!

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 3 years ago, 22 hours later, 1 week after the original post#32,851

straight up, tell her she has to fuck you, let you record it, and let you cum all over her several times or no deal, of course goods up front.. then of course, don't give in, but i would highly suggest saying this over a non recorded non owned burner fone you had someone else pay for... not on facebook or anywhere else connected with yourself or anyone you do or have known.


otherwise, you can just straight up say, hey, we need to go have a few drinks and have a talk about this problem, and make sure you get her a little fucked up in the process, like a nice meal out where you give her chocolate, very very very strong alcohol (or spike her drink with some *everclear* as that is legal and i'm not suggesting you do something illegal) and continue with the conversation. you can do the boyish shit where you comment on her outfits, act like you pay attention, blah blah blah, but if you do that, she will think she has you.. i truly suggest the first method and say that you are going to tell ALL of your friends and his what she has planned otherwise.