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Topic: 7![]v[]3 2 zk0o!_ n3[] forgot how to spell newbz...

Anonymous A started this discussion 3.1 years ago #2,922

ur mom is a newb, your dad is a homo, and honestly, if you can't get over that, check craigslist.

fucking grow up.

stop eating cheetos in your mom's house, grow up, stop sucking your friend's dick, cause guess what, hahahahahahah isp bitch, your all on tor, your isp know's your on tor, and here's the kickeer, if you look up, the cia knows...

i mean.. are you shitting me.. i have to piss.. hold on, imma piss i be ribht back, in fact imma spallz incorr3elty
hold on...

if you are not even 25, i suggest you go join some militant faction, and if you are anon, and you are still on some dick site like this and you have no idea who i am by now, let me tell you:

my name is Fr0z7y.

i fucking hate you.

first of all, you don't know the sacrifice made to allow you to be born.

second. Geneva convention.

the amount of rules involved there should make all of your heads spin.

thats right, you like being nazi panzy mother fuckers.

who the fuck do you think i am?

right, your anonymous... okay...

i'll go buy your mom on the corner for mcdonalds toys..

you know exactly who i am.

no fucking concerns for my safety, come at me bro. fuck you, your mother, because guess what, you wanna be a faggot firing a machine gun in real life at me and my friends, you kill them, imma get the fuck up with their gun, put a round in the head of the fucker feeding you bullets, then fucking take the letter out of your pocket, find your family, and fuck your sister.

chill bitch. im on my way. why?

i wrote this, thats fucking why you fucking kid. stop being a bitch, or i will fuck you like one.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3.1 years ago, 3 hours later#32,842

Go back to Reddit, faggot.

Anonymous A (OP) replied with this 3.1 years ago, 9 hours later, 13 hours after the original post#32,843

ur dad is a faggot.

Anonymous A (OP) double-posted this 3.1 years ago, 2 hours later, 15 hours after the original post#32,844

i like to troll as much as the next 30 year old child living at home having his mom wash his underwear, eat cheetos, bitch about my moms internet being as slow as her mental capacity, ... wait, did i just forget where i was going with this?

that's right, you take care of your allz hymen zerz gramma and grampa for your mom cauze she washes your underwear.

dude, grow the fuck up.

i can troll you until the cowz come home. trust me, you may think you know me, i know you better than you know yourself.

like, after a firefight, pick your friend's guts up and stick them back into him.. is that how you game? totally don't even fucking care what you think.

Anonymous B replied with this 3.1 years ago, 1 day later, 1 day after the original post#32,845

WTF? You post that troll spam shit here, and then when someone(me) tells you to STFU, you act like you are making valid posts?

You are just some morbidly obese wigger faggot living in your mom's basement, and trying to act tough and badass over the interwebs.

Anonymous A (OP) replied with this 3.1 years ago, 2 days later, 4 days after the original post#32,846

exactly, i am a troll fag. no it's not a valid arguement. i was just trolling. sorry if i hurt your feelings bro.