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Topic: FUCK Isis and lets Twitter BOMB!

Anonymous A started this discussion 3.3 years ago #2,917

Well I have to come and ask everyone that is willing to to help me Twitter bomb the Isis with every Gay,lezbo, and any nude photos one the web to their page as a BIG fuck you to there face for posting that they will kill any one that will oppose them on Twitter, so I think we should just give them the BIG old finger and show them that we dont care and their threats mean nothing to us. Will there be any one out there willing to help in this cause??

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3.3 years ago, 16 hours later#32,782

Sounds like way too much work dude. I'm fucken lazy.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 3 years ago, 3 months later, 3 months after the original post#32,863

considering that there are sooo many muslim groups out there, and this could have been stopped years ago, and the fact that europe acts all tough, but yet has soo many muslim no go zones, i honestly think you guys are way too late to the party.. it's either time to take to your european roots and go out with some beer and hookers and large groups of your skinny nerd mates to those muslim communities and drink your asses off and get your shit pushed in, or you should just fucking hang up being free.. you guys will be praying 5 times a day soon enough, with all of your women wearing fucking sheets...

enter the american MICRO BIKINI... yeah bitches.. eat a fucking nasty sweaty bowl of dicks that were just fucking some of the worst european blue waffles topped with some aids infested islamic cum...

oh, don't forget to bend over so those camel jockies can have their fucking livestock get their reach arounds.. fucking euro trash.