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Topic: Why do straight men oppose homosexuality?

Anonymous A started this discussion 4.3 years ago #2,867

Think about it, a straight male has everything to gain from encouraging other men to freely express the queer in them. For example;

1.More gay men means less competition over women, allowing the few remaining hetero males to win the lion's share of pussy.


That's about it.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 4.3 years ago, 5 minutes later#32,348

Gays fuck everything, this is why they spread AIDS to women. You either straight or you are confused all-fucker with lots of fetishes.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 4.3 years ago, 4 minutes later, 9 minutes after the original post#32,349

1)As he said, many guys pose s straight. Then they go off, have anal sex with other men, sleep with women, spreading diseases.

2)Nobody opposes faggotry by itself. It two queers want to fuck each other in the ass, that is their choice. The problem is that faggot "Culture" is promoted by the media as being the ideal. Only gay or gay=looking guys get movie roles. The benders get promoted in music, television, cinema etc. There are shows showing straight guys how to dress, look and act like faggots. And the queers run the clothing industry, so in many places it's hard to buy clothes that don't make you look like a pillowbiter. So basically, let queers be queers, but we don't want to be told to be like them too.

Anonymous D joined in and replied with this 3.7 years ago, 7 months later, 7 months after the original post#32,696

Homosexuality is an abnormality. Simple as that. It's unnatural.

Anonymous E joined in and replied with this 3.1 years ago, 6 months later, 1.2 year after the original post#32,836

I don't think straight guys oppose homosexuality in and of itself. Straight guys oppose homosexuality being classified as a norm. it's not. The only way that a mammalian species can reproduce and continue its very existence is by coitus between a male and a female. Two pooves or two dykes can not propagate their species. The other key issue is that the vagina creates a moistness to allow the phallus sexual entry. Whereas the anus does not.

In short, homosexuality is something that only freaks engage in. Let me be clear that by 'freaks' I am not using that in a disparaging mode, but rather freaks in its neutral mode of "things or occurrences that are markedly unusual or irregular".

Anonymous F joined in and replied with this 3.1 years ago, 10 hours later, 1.2 year after the original post#32,837

Why do straight men (oppose) fear homosexuality? Because they know that 'all' men have the queer behaviour potential within themselves.

Anonymous G joined in and replied with this 3.1 years ago, 3 days later, 1.2 year after the original post#32,841

unless they are closet homos, which would mean they have to repress that homo tendency to keep the image of being straight in front of their peers, no one really gives a shit. just .. if we aren't into that shit, don't hit on us, understandably, it may happen once or twice, i mean, i have hit on a few women in my time in ways or times i should not have, and felt bad about it.. didn't happen again.

i guess what you may be asking is, why do you get shot down by the homophobes? (they are closet homo's, you have to get them drunk and fucked up first, i suggest coke and rum and more coke.. it brings out the horny in them, make sure you are alone and not acting like a complete fucking flamer, they can't be seen running around with you like that.. it just means they are a closet top homo)