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Topic: Chan4Chan is a tranny website

Anonymous A started this discussion 4.4 years ago #2,678

This is a fucking faggot submissive bottom piece of shit hellhole.

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 4.4 years ago, 2 hours later#30,037

Yes it is.
It also seems,someone tries to turn it into a honeypot.

Not sure if they are trying to catch (closet) fags,tranny lovers,virgins,pedos or flat out retards though.
There is a certain overlap however.

Anonymous C joined in and replied with this 4.4 years ago, 15 minutes later, 3 hours after the original post#30,038

NO !

It's far worse than that!

This is a NWO outlet.

They use it for secret communication, hidden in spam and tranny pictures as well as a mining resource and a propaganda medium.
As with everything they do, it has multiple purposes,all of them benefiting the NWO.
The communication spam also earns cash from the tards clicking on it or buying cheap knockoff shit.
The tranny pictures not only help in their agenda to depopulate the planet by turning every man gay, it also helps them relieve their immediate sexual tension by fapping to the pics,not to mention the income from the tranny sites.

(yes,even deeper than your basement!)

Deceive them by posting trannies and pictures of shit in a bowl everywhere.
Show them they succeeded in turning you while fighting them from the inside!
...or just keep on fapping to tranny porn...

(Edited 47 seconds later.)

Anonymous D joined in and replied with this 4.4 years ago, 6 hours later, 9 hours after the original post#30,064

I love the tranny and I love the scat.

Can I haz moar tranny scat now pleez?