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Topic: prohibiting porn

Anonymous A started this discussion 4.4 years ago #2,270

if we prohibit porn we'll get rid of rush hour traffic jams, long queues in the supermarket, overcrowded cities and public transportation.


because everyone consuming illegal pornography will be imprisoned payed for by the taxpayer to prison corporations.

however, this plan hinges on the fact that there won't be many taxpayers left to foot the bill.

unless the CIA will produce large quantities of pornography in third world countries to cash domestically in on the illegality.

other solutions?

or should we just not prohibit porn.

why should we even prohibit or allow porn ?

Anonymous B joined in and replied with this 3.3 years ago, 1.1 year later#32,717

There should be porn, but only regular porn with dicks and cunts. All that sick shit with animals, trannies and faggots should be banned.